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What is it? It's an Upcycled Clothing Closet! This is not a new concept but more like a continuation of what our friend Shannon, of “Machine Machine”, had wisely begun in a portion of her former retail space. She sure was onto something given that past studies have shown a ridiculous amount of waste involved specifically with so-called “fast fashion.” A garbage truck’s worth of textiles is *discarded every second. Yes, you read that correctly. That’s 86,400 garbage trucks full of trash every day headed straight to the landfills! Ugh. While statements like these make the magnitude of the problem feel daunting, we want to flip to the positive by recognizing EVERY little bit does actually help. We’re doing our best to make the transition as seamless as possible for you to move towards lower waste living in a variety of areas of everyday life. That said, it's through Take Two that we encourage you to become conscious consumers with textiles just like with cleaning products, home goods and the like. Currently open Wednesday thru Saturdays 10-3pm (because there's only a few of us running this ship). That may change in weeks to come but it’s a delicate balancing act with family, life, work & community. Mahalo for your understanding! Please note that our Upcycled clothing shop is a very small shop space and we are not currently accepting drop-off donations. If you have baby, keiki or adult clothing or even home goods in very good condition that you no longer want or need but would like to donate or put on consignment, please contact our project manager for this portion of our shop for more details. (808)635-9194. Mahalo for your understanding!

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