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soil de sommiere

french clay stain remover

Soil (or terre) de Sommière is a french clay with an extra fine lamellar structure. It is a simple, traditional stain remover with amazingly strong absorbent powers. It can also be used to help remove, absorb, neutralize, and wash hands of tinkerers and car mechanics. It is excellent as a dry stain remover helping to remove grease stains (oil, butter, make-up, etc.) from fragile surfaces such as textiles, silk, furniture fabric, carpets, copper, marble, wooden furniture, floors without circles. (Safe for tiles, stone, parquet, concrete) ... Simply sprinkle to cover / let sit for a few hours or overnight; shake off (or vacuum up) excess proceed to wash as you would for said stain.

Absorbent and Neutralizing: it can also be used to absorb and neutralize urine stains on carpets or cushions, wine stains from tablecloths to give you some other ideas.


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