We encourage less waste and more sustainable living by offering bulk refills on all kinds of essential products.

Bring your own clean container or purchase a glass one from us for re-use and we'll take care of the rest.

(click on any item below for maker and full ingredient list)

for  BODY


HAND SOAP (citrus mint) • 36 cents / oz

HAND SANITIZER (peppermint or lavender) • 70 cents / oz

SHAMPOO / CONDITIONER (cedar & sage OR lavender) • 72 cents / oz

BODY WASH (cedar & sage OR lavender) • 72 cents / oz

BABY WASH (by Puracy) • 72 cents / oz


DISH SOAP (green tea & lime) • 27 cents / oz

DISHWASHER PODS (lemon) • 25 cents / pod

ALL PURPOSE CLEANER (Clary Sage & Citrus) • 17 cents / oz

ALL PURPOSE CLEANER CONCENTRATE (green tea & lime) • 25 cents / oz


FLOOR CLEANER • 18 cents / oz

GLASS CLEANER (unscented) • 17 cents / oz

LIQUID LAUNDRY SOAP (lavender) • 29 cents / oz

STAIN REMOVER • 25 cents / oz

LAUNDRY PODS (sensitive skin, lavender/eucalyptus, clean) • 25 cents / pod

LAUNDRY SCENT BOOSTER (orange blossom, clean scent)

LAUNDRY OXI BOOST (enhances cleaning power)




for  HOME


We not only carry refillable, eco-friendly products by weight but also have a wide array of sustainable goods for your life an home. Items such as linens & textiles, produce & woven bags, wooden kitchen scrubbers, gardening tools as well as a hammered gold jewelry line we make in house. Visit us at Warehouse 3540 to see it all!