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Minimal Bar earring

Following suit with all of our jewelry, whether you choose to dress up, down or wear on the daily, these will perfectly frame your face with a subtle minimal line of glimmer. They just have a little more movement than our Minimal earrings. Once pounded they reach a length of about 2.5" in length.


All of our pieces are made by hand so while we aim to replicate what you see pictured above, please understand there may be slight variations due to the handmade nature of pounding the gold and creating this piece especially for you.


We use 14 karat gold fill for all findings, chains, earring and neckalce forms. Gold-fill allows us to keep the price point at a more affordable rate than possible with pure gold but is of much higher quality than gold-plated jewlery which easily tarnishes and can be scratched right off. Gold-fill should not quickly tarnish and is an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

Minimal Bar earring

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