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the sounds and scents of warehouse 3540

It won't take long cruising through Warehouse 3540 to realize there are a myriad of sounds and smells to arouse your curiosity. The Warehouse is a unique place on the south side of the island of #Kauai currently housing a number of small shops (ours included) and food trucks - local makers, talented creatives and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Don't forget to look up while you're walking through the space. The open beams sometimes are a resting spot for birds and when the rain falls on this tin roof the sound is #dreamy.

Our shop sits in the center of the Warehouse space and right out our front door you'll find the cutest coffee truck around. Kind Koffee Company makes, hands down, THE best #coffee we have yet to try. Not to mention the smell wafting straight into our shop when she grinds her beans - it's enough to leave even the non-coffee drinkers lured into trying some. Originally from Oregon, we've had our fair share of legit coffee but Tearu's truly got this craft dialed and we're confident you'll quickly become a regular of hers as she dishes out not only excellent drinks but a large dose of kindness with each cup.

The smells and sounds of this place will leave you wanting to come back for more. Every. Single. Time.

Moving on through the warehouse space you'll hear the whir of sewing machines as both Ivy & Co. and Machine Machine are constantly at work whipping up another fantastic piece of clothing or functional art piece for the home. Within Shannon's (Machine Machine) Workshop also sits her dad's letterpress. One of our favorite sounds is the clunk and clank as he creates his art or prints shirts using his antique piece of equipment. The best part? He often has it set up and open for the public to come make their own letter-pressed card especially during Warehouse 3540's 2nd Saturday events! Because we create all of our own jewelry (including hair pins) in house - all of which is pounded to perfection - some days you'll hear the tinkering of our hammer echoing off the walls. Of course because we live on Kauai you'll never get away from hearing #chickens clucking and roosters crowing! They wandering through the grounds daily and might come begging as you eat your lunch.

On to the Scents

We've already mentioned the coffee, now onto the #foodtrucks parking right out front of #warehouse3540 ... whether you're on #vacation or born and raised, you'll definitely want to make these trucks a routine stop. #Kickshaws creates food concoctions that are another level of good. They seem to be most to blame when we're working and hungry and suddenly the smells of whatever they're cooking leave us convinced we must throw our hard-earned money right at them to get our hands on whatever they've just made. #KauaiPoke is just across and just gets better and better every times we taste their Poke bowls. The newest to the food truck crew is an elevated street food truck @unclebobbyskauai ... Before them we'd never even imagined what vegan tacos would taste like but let. us. tell. you! Worth every penny - so crazy delicious. Last, but definitely not least, is the cutest trailer housing #thefreshshave Although you're not smelling much (I mean, come on, it's ice) this #shaveice is for sure the best you'll taste. They don't use dyes and do use plenty of the freshest fruits the island can offer.

Need we say more? #Warehouse3540 is absolutely a place you won't want to miss while you're on #Kauai - shoots you might even want to island hop if you landed in another part of #Hawaii to experience this place!

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