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Our shop was initially established in 2018 with the express interest in using our various skill sets to serve and spread Aloha through the way we do business. Graphic designer, builder, print maker and artist came together in hopes of offering a curated mix of authentic enduring goods that were both functional and beautiful for a healthy home and lifestyle here on Kaua'i. Fast-forward to March of 2020 when government officials encouraged the closure of all non-essential businesses on Kaua'i, we closed our brick-and-mortar shop which naturally led to a massive re-evaluation of how our business could survive.  Although our shop had been successfully gaining momentum since opening in 2018, it was clear that our dependence upon tourism was not sustainable and we had to implement a shifting of gears to adapt. Our biggest challenge turned out to be our biggest blessing in disguise because we ended up pivoting the direction of our business to serve our own local community to the best of our ability. Our longtime goal   was finally able to come to fruition in offering Kaua’i a practical solution to substantially cut down on waste while simultaneously carrying necessity items that were both effective

& safe for the island.  Although the idea of expanding under the circumstances was daunting, as we began to weigh the pros and cons it became clear to us that it

was worth the risk. We wanted to invite the people of Kaua’i to participate in

becoming more conscious consumers by reducing the massive amounts of

single-use plastics that ultimately end up contaminating our ocean and soil

and understand that functionality doesn't need to be at the expense of

aesthetics. Our hope is to make the transition to a more sustainable

life-style as simple and enjoyable as possible with the full and effective

line of essential cleaning products  we carry in refill form along with

an array of sustainable, functional (& beautiful) goods for life and home.

Our motto with it all - LIVE CLEAN - in the products we use to clean our homes, what we put on our skin, what we choose to purchase, how we leave the earth for generations to come, in our relationships. It's all very intertwined and matters significantly to us. We sure don't claim to have perfected it in any of these areas but we're learning and growing and invite you on this journey with us as we desire to set you up for success to do the same. 


• To inspire others to live functionally beautiful lives making the most of the small moments that often happen within the very walls of the homes we create. 

• We encourage less waste and more sustainable living.

• We support both local makers and fair-trade artisans from afar.

• We value simplicity, a slower lifestyle and kindness. 

• We adore lovely scents, textures, natural colors and clean design. 

• We care deeply about the whole of our community from kupuna (elderly) to the next generations

• We are grateful for LIFE and creativity & opportunity

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