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Mira is a minimalistic approach to a hammered gold jewelry line. Created in house, each piece has been carefully designed to exude both elegance and simplicity making our jewelry ideal for all occasions. Using 14K gold fill and semi-precious stones, our hope is to give you timeless pieces that will far outlast passing trends. We create all our jewelry in-house on the island of Kauai. So whether you are visiting this special place we get to call home and hoping to find a treasure to bring home for you or your loved one OR if this island is also your home, we're confident you'll find a piece (or two or three) you love. The most expansive variety of our line is currently available in our shop at Warehouse3540 but pieces will continually be added to our online shop as well.  Scroll down for a glimpse or click here to SHOP

Why "Mira"? Words are powerful and evoke many emotions in a person. In Romance languages, it is associated with translations such as "wonder" and "wonderful". In South Slavic "peace". Albanian "goodness or kindness" and in Sanskrit, "ocean". Although definitions may vary from language to language, each meaning resonates deeply within our hearts and has become the perfect fit for our jewelry line. We hope you will enjoy these pieces as much as we have enjoyed creating them and always be reminded that they merely accentuate the beauty that is already you!

Interested in opening a wholesale account with us? Please contact us and we can work together to see if we might be a good fit for your shop.

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