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We couldn't be more excited about this newest extension of our shop! Something we've dreamt of for many years but just didn't have the space to execute until now. So here we introduce to you a portion of our new shop space we've named Clean.Kauai which includes Kauai's first REFILL STATION !! As we've transitioned to become a "zero waste shop” we are proud to offer a full and effective line of essential cleaning products that include hand soap, hand sanitizer, dish soap, all-purpose spray, laundry and body care in bulk form.  Our customers can either purchase one of our labeled glass bottles and simply refill it each time or bring in any size container from home. By saying “zero waste” we are referring to a lifestyle choice that hopes to actively eliminate single use plastic items from ending up in our landfills, oceans, and contaminating our soil. Our hope is to make the transition to a more sustainable life-style as easy and fun as possible by offering an array of items such as produce bags, kitchen cleaning tools made from coconut, bamboo and other renewable resources, wool dryer balls (which helps cut drying time and therefore decreases electricity usage), all natural hair care and facial products, candles and sustainably sourced linens.  We desire to continually provide beautiful, sustainable and essential everyday items to our community that will offer a sustainable solution for our island’s economy both economically and environmentally - keeping Kauai both clean and beautiful!


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