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makana box

From the start of our little shop we have loved bringing you functional beauty for your home understanding the visual spaces we create for ourselves greatly affects our moods. We've specialized in authentic enduring goods from jewelry to skin care along with textiles and art we create in house. With the onset of covid, we expanded our vision to include how we care for our homes and ohana by creating Kauai's first refill station! It is through this avenue we invite you (& ourselves) to become more conscious consumers and waste less. We are proud to have created not only a sustainable goods shop for life & home but we also offer a full and effective line of essential cleaning & body care products in refillable form. You are welcome to purchase one of our labeled glass bottles and simply refill it as needed OR bring in any size clean container from home and simply pay per ounce. Our hope is to make your transition to a more sustainable life-style as easy and desirable as possible because regardless whether this is your first step into this journey or you're a long-time zero-waste advocate, every little step matters.

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